V Gradinata - To The Garden

A CD Release Bulgarian Dance Party



Mila Vocal Ensemble

CD Release Party

Mila Concert

Valley of the Roses

Flower Sellers

Bulgarian Wines

Regional Feast

Dance Party

Meet Mila

The CD is a collection of Bulgarian music from all regions and dialects of Bulgaria. Mila masters the ornaments, the mystery and the harmonies of this country. Bulgarian nationals and world music lovers came to celebrate, feast and dance.


The Setting

The Cowels conservatory has a modern Gothic Cathedral ambiance,. It is filled with lush foliage and sky high palm trees. A large serpentine-like pool winds through the center. A whimsical glass scaled Frank Gerry fish sculpture splashes out of the pool. We built the event experience around this tropical and maze-like setting to create a dance, feasting, and concert party. High-top tables were covered in every imaginable shade of green. Mini palm tree inspire centerpieces were made of fluted mosaic glass vases, topped with beargrass and lit with micro fiber optics, to meld into the tropical paradise. A Bulgarian "valley of the roses" was recreated by suspending multicolored pink roses on the glass surround walls.

"Mila sings chords that Lutherans

do not have in them.

You would have had to stay out

of church for a long time

to be able to learn this music."


– Garrison Keillor


The Concert

The Cowles Conservatory’s acoustical

environment allowed the Ensemble's voices to soar, giving the guests an incomparable musical experience.

see video - for song sample

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