Uncorking Fête - Le Beaujolais Nouveau

An Evening of Authentic French Flavour and Flair




Chamber of Commerce

Un-Corking Ceremony

le Village du Beaujolais

Village Shops


Top-Chefs in person

Strolling Silent-Auction Table Models

A Burgundy Inspired Feast

Flirty French Girls

Mile-High Dessert & Coffee Bar

French Jazz Trio & French Cinema

Starlit Bar

The Setting & Experience

The evening commenced with a dramatic delivery of le Beaujolais Nouveau with pilots on vespas. The festive Un-Corking Ceremony was led by the village Mayor.

Guests entered le Village du Beaujolais complete with a wine shop, bistro, boulangerie and mingling with village locals. Petite shops featured Top-Chefs. Strolling Silent-Auction models invited guests to bid on tempting silent auction packages.


A Burgundy-inspired feast followed. Guest entered a town hall setting and were seated at a continuous table,  that encircled the ball room with a center stage. Sumptuous platters of regional dishes were served family-style. Guest could feast, toast and be entertained by the Flirty French Girls and a lively Live Auction. The feast concluded with a mile-high pâtisserie and coffee bar, a French jazz trio, French movies, and a starlit bar.


Event  Objectives

To re-invent the decade-long annual gala.


To create a signature social event for the French and Francophile community.


To command higher live & silent auction revenues.


To promote membership renewals, referrals and new membership enrollment at the event.


To solidify the Beaujolais Nouveau Gala as a save -the-date event on the social calendar



The guests were delighted with the village setting. Meeting Top-Chefs one on one, and sampling their canapés and dishes. Shopping in the shops and of course the whimsical and flirtatious Burgundy, Brie and Blue Belle who tempted all with their beauty, charm and and one-of-a-kind experience and travel packages. The event-re-invent created new connections for the event and established sponsorships and chef-owned restaurant partnerships for future Chamber events.

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