EXPLORE! The Four Corners of the World

Ann Bancroft Foundation Dream Makers Gala


Ann Bancroft Foundation

Dreamakers Awards &

Dare to Dream Fundraiser

Toyko,-Lolita Fashionistas

Cape Town-Flower Market

Paris-Cafe Society

Mexico City-Cinco de Mayo

North & South Pole-Polar Bar


The Setting

EXPLORE!  The Four Corners of the World: allowed guest’s to actually explore the four corners of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Inspired by the “Dare to Dream” girl’s mini-grant proposals. Each Country-Corner captured the flavour of each region.


The Experience

Tokyo offered posing with Lolita Fashionistas on a very urban street, learning Japanese greetings and phrases and snacking at a spicy noodle shop. South Africa captured the incomparable beauty of Cape Town’s colourful Flower Market and regional wines. Drummers and street bruskers entertained.

Paris guests learned how to order a glass of wine and cheese plate in French while dining at a sidewalk bistro. A parade of locals mingled. Mexico City celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Mariachi and a street dance with street vendors offering upscale Mexican-inspired food. All senses were engaged as guests EXPLORED The Four Corners of the World.

Guests also trekked to the North and South Poles to discover a frosty retreat;

The Polar Bar, dramatically lit in icy blues, complete with an igloo bar and parka-clad bartenders serving frosty

Icee-Blue concept cocktails.

Event Purpose

The foundation's  annual event is dual purposed. The Dream Maker Awards, recognizes four outstanding women in the community. The Dare To Dream program is the foundation's mini-grants program for girls 8-17. The mini-grants support the girls aspirations and interests - just $500 can buy a girl a dream!


Event Messaging

To drive the foundation's mission forward, the girl dreamer requests were transformed into travel & cultural experiences - Explore! the Four Corners of the World. The program featured inspirational women; politicians; athletes, girl performance groups. The key note speaker was foundation founder, and Arctic explorer, Ann Bancroft. By the time the "Ask" was asked, guests were eager to fill in the donation cards.


The Results

The after buzz was fantastic. Feedback from guests confirmed connections to the cause were made. Additional donations were given after the event.

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