Brand Story

Design Plan


Show Time

A Brand is Experienced in a Story-Scape Setting

In A Highly Inventive and Interactive Event Setting
A Brand's Story Is Experienced.


Our live-marketing events are full-surround adventures. Your brand’s story is staged in an imagined playground. Guests explore a story-boarded setting that mirrors Your brand’s value and promise. Theatrical staging, story-like environmental design, host-ushers and party-guest talent guide the guests through the designed story-scape. Guests touch, taste, see, meet, interact, learn and make connections that resonate with their interests and lifestyle.


The Brand is Brought To Life!

Concept + Strategy + Logistics

The Most Memorable Events Are Built

Upon A Consistent And Distinctive Voice.


We start by working with our clients to capture the vision for the event; What are the objectives? Who is the audience? What are the key messages? What is the event’s mission, and most importantly the event's ROI?


We collect all discovery and research results to create a global design plan. The global plan outlines all elements of the event; the event concept, logistic plan, environmental design, entertainment, food and decor, all designed to deliver an unforgettable guest experience.


The Global Plan Is Your Road-Map To Your Event’s Success.


Setting the Stage

The Focus Shifts From Crafting The Event Plan

To Delivering An Event Experience.


We draw from an amazing talent pool, ranging from actors, dancers, musicians and models. We cast and script our talent to fully engage, entertain and charm the guests. To create our bespoke event-spaces, we collaborate with costume designers, set designers, muralists and interior designers. We also partner with top event service vendors to ensure the optimum in food, flowers, lighting, custom environments and amenities, all combined with the highest standard of quality and creativity.


We Sheepishly Admit, We Love Delighting

The Guests With Our Wow Factor.

3 - 2 - 1 - It's Show Time!

From The Moment The Invitation Arrives...
Until The Guests Depart, The Experience Is Complete


All On-Board! With all team members, talent, vendor & venue partners on-strategy, on-message and ready to perform, guests are treated to an inventive, playful, entertaining and very social experience.


Our Live-Marketing events are designed to help companies have meaningful conversations to initiate or sustain customer relationships.


This Is The Golden Ticket!

Your Guest Are Making A Save-The-Date.

How Do I Stay Connected.

What Is Next?

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