Europa Europa

A European Epicurean Progressive Dinner



Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology

Physicians Celebration

Merry Olde England

pop-up pub & traveling pub

Spain-tapas & sherry tasting

France-canapés & champagne toast

Italy-ate night bites, sweets & ports

4 modes of transportation

The Experience

We took guests on a whirlwind epicurean tasting tour, visiting, Merry Olde England, Spain, France & Italy. A Tour guide, Nigel, led them throughout the evening. Passports served as programs, menus and were stamped at each port-of-call.


Menus were paired with regional spirits. England, a pub with pop-up museum, Spain, tapas & sherries, France, canapés & a champagne toast, Italy, late night bites, sweets & ports.


To add to the experience, guests were transported on four modes of transport. England on a double decker bus with gin & tonics, British Isles musicians with sing-along. A traveling pub en route to Spain. Guests were led Pied Piper on foot to France. A fleet of taxis whisked guests to Italy and on vespas for the adventurous. Guests were returned home by a fleet of private cars.


Event Goals

How to celebrate a company’s 50th anniversary? How to show appreciation and acknowledge all employees through the decades? How to be exceptional? Questions we posed and answered with a “European Epicurean Progressive Dinner” that toured Minneapolis’s finest establishments.



The founding physicians mingled with current doctors. Connections were made.

Thank You's were expressed.

A shared experience to remember.

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