The ButterBall - Studio 54 Redux

A Fundraiser for Food Charities




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Charity Fundraiser

Second Harvest Heartland

Open Arms Minnesota

Cast of  70’s Characters


VIP & V-VIP Lounge

Celebrities: Real & Pretenders

Super-Model Wannabes

Hot Busboys + Whistles

Roller Girls

GoGo Dancers

The Setting A dance step back to the 70's. This dance party commingled a cast of 70's characters with the guests, all donning disco duds & personas. A double diamond dance floor was filled with groovy dance moves. A disco ball galaxy: a giant disco ball encircled by dozens more. Suspended sheer fabrics & beaded glitter. A beat-timed light show., and the exclusive guest-list-only VIP Lounge. The Experience Celebrities real and pretenders. Model wannabes, hot busboys, roller girls, disco dudes with whistles. All night tunes from the DJ’s and guest appearances. An authentic recreation of all that was Studio 54. Even a streaker made a mad dash at midnight. Event Goal To increase revenues by 50% To establish the ButterBall brand as "The Golden Ticket" The Results Attendance was beyond capacity. The after-buzz and pr impressions solidly placed the ButterBall brand on the social map as the ultimate Golden Ticket.

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