A Holiday Gathering

An Executive Team's Holiday Party


Novus Media Group

Executive Holiday Party

Sparkling Reception

Ice-Breakers Gifts

5-Course Chef Prepared Feast

Table-Side Service

Wine Pairings

Wine Expert

Chef Theatre

Cigars & Brandy

Parting Gifts

The Experience

A sparkling reception with tray served holiday inspired cocktails, small bites, and ice-breaker holiday games kicked off the evening.


Chef Shelagh Mullen of She Cooks, served a sumptuous feast. Wine expert Robert Croce waxed vineyard and vintage tales per pour. Chef Shelagh demonstrated how to prepare the dessert; poached pears in gingered port on gingerbread  with maple whipped creme.


A parting gift bag was filled with a recipe card hang-tag, anjou pears, a small bottle of port & spices. Guests took home wine stories and a dessert to share.

The Objective

The Novus Media Executive Team wanted a private dining event as an opportunity to connect and express appreciation for the company's success. RED created an

at-home experience, hosted at the President’s beautiful and inviting home.


The Results

As expected, great food, wine,

conversation and bonus cigars & brandies will engender a sense of camaraderie.


The client was pleased with the value add of an at-home dining experience versus restaurant private dining. Home entertainment allowed the desired comfort level. A personal chef, service staff, holiday decor incorporated to accent the home decor, floral, fantastic wine pours and  delectable parting gifts.


The host and wife were invited to a pre-event private wine tasting of suggested wine pours with the wine distributor. A courtesy  purchase discount was given to the host and his wife.


At evenings end, the host and his wife were surprised with a fireside chilled bottle of champagne and truffles. A romantic ending to a holiday gathering.

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