5 Top Reasons To Hire An Event Professional

  • Save Time

    No. 1

    Time is Money


    Do you want to burden staff with managing an event? An event has countless moving-parts on the production road map. Which venue best meets all of my event’s requirements? Where to hold the event? How to buy just-right-size space? Location logistics; proximity, parking, valet. What is the optimum time for best attendance? What other events are also on the competing social calendar? Who are the best vendors to hire? What is their reputation? What to serve, when to serve, what special diet requirements?


    The planning and timing logistics are extensive, even for smaller gatherings. You want the best for your guests. As event professionals, we undertake all of the roles and responsibilities, allowing you and your staff to focus on your business.


    Save your valuable time to plan for being the best Host.


  • Save Money

    No. 2

    How does Hiring a Professional Save Money?


    Hiring an event professional to save money may sound counterintuitive. As event professionals, it is our business to produce events. We have established relationships with venue properties and event services vendors. As volume buyers, we are rewarded with professional discounts. We negotiate on your behalf to optimize service delivery and know where to save on service expenses, rentals and food. These fee reductions are not available to the lay person or one-time buyer. We will save you money and avoid costly mistakes.


    Our Savvy Savings are passed onto You!

  • Save Stress

    No. 3

    The Human Equation


    Even the seasoned project manager knows that people or teams can mis-communicate or under-deliver. Even with comprehensive planning, the best venues and top vendor partners, mis-fires can happen, Plan B is always factored in. Production efforts are managed "back-stage” so that any under performances will not be experienced by the guests or the host.


    Like the ballet, the event performance is effortless

  • Work With The Best

    No. 4

    Our Best Practices


    We approach selecting venues and vendor partners much like an audition. We have a vetting process, which includes; fly-on-the-wall observation, on-site tours, tastings, samplings  and referrals from trusted industry professionals. We partner with our venues and vendors to establish a shared goal; to deliver the best event experience possible.


    Your event becomes our event partners event,

    a proud badge to wear.

  • Be The Sparkle

    No. 5

    Be The Host with The Most


    This is your stage, your opportunity to shine. Meet and greet your guests. Mingle mingle. Without the stress of planning and executing you can really shine. We assist our Hosts in pre-event relaxation strategies. If desired, we can send a stylist with outfits to select, hair & make-up, a town car, what ever suits your needs.


    We want you to arrive on time, confident

    and ready to be "The Sparkle".

  • Impress

    No. 6

    Be A Show-Off... It’s O.K.


    Your guests will walk into an experience custom-designed for them.      Upon arrival they are greeted with a high-touch sparkling reception where they are treated as a guest celebrity. People to meet, tasty things to eat.  An intriguing event story to explore. Your guests will be delighted, surprised and impressed with how clever, generous and wonderful hosts You and Your Company are.


    A well-executed and memorable event

    Showcases You and Your Company.

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